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About Our Funeral Services

Sia Sia Funeral Planner (狮城寿板店) is a professional funeral services provider and your one-stop destination for the quality bereavement care. Death is a fact of life and what we always hope to achieve is for the deceased to pass on with dignity, so that they can have peace at their final resting place. Thus, you can rest assured that all our professional staff and funeral director are very knowledgeable when it comes to arranging different types of funeral customs and we are also very highly passionate about we offer – our goal is to deliver exceptional value to our clients with the most reasonable prices.

Why Choose Us

With a combined experience of more than 50 years in the funeral industry, we are both confident and committed that we will bring you assistance to arrange for a proper send off befitting the departure of your loved one.  If there is any funeral requirements that you may have, please do speak to us.

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Our values



To be accountable for all our undertakings.



Customers are our first priority.



To practice honest communication across all levels

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Providing high quality products & services and ensuring excellent work standards.

Our Commitment

We have a profound respect for all religions and we understand that funeral requirements may varies with different faiths and beliefs. However, regardless of the type of funeral arrangement you prefer, we are committed to serve with great compassion, care, dignity and respect.

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How to engage us?

Please give us a call at 62800121 or email us with the contact form if you have any enquiry about our funeral services package.