Buddhist Funeral Package Singapore

Our fair and transparent Buddhist funeral solution are affordably priced at $5,800 for a 3 days wake and $6,180 for a 5 days wake. Under this package as per listed below, it covers all the fundamental aspect that is needed for a good Buddhist funeral, and even includes the hiring of monk chanting and Buddha fruit offering etc.

Buddhist Funeral Package

3 days 2 nights $5,800

5 days 4 nights $6,180

  • Casket (half glass)
  • Embalming, Dressing & Makeup (Transport Inclusive)
  • Book cremation slot and arrangement
  • Canvas tentage at void deck, void Deck Enclosure x 1 unit
  • Round table x 10
  • Square table x 15
  • Chairs x 100 unit
  • Curtain and carpet in Casket area
  • Fans and general lighting
  • Mobile toilet
  • Funeral Decoration
  • Photo Enlargement (1 x enlarge photo with 10″ x 12″ wooden frame + 6 pieces passport sized photo
  • Floral Photo Wreath (11″x13″)
  • Altar Table Floral Arrangement x 4 units
  • Condolence Book
  • Buddhist Blanket
  • Buddhist Prayer Service 1+1+1 (Encoffining, Final night and funeral day)
  • 1 Set Buddha fruit offering
  • Joss Praying item (Big & Small Joss sticks + Joss Stick Urn + Candles & Lotus Candles + Joss Paper + Sandalwood + Sandalwood powder
  • Air Con Bus x 1 unit
  • Funeral Hearse
  • Ash Collection Service

Please Note

  • The package is not inclusive of Food and drinks arrangement. Food and drinks will be charged based on “consumption”.
  • The package is limited to funeral held at void deck. For funeral at homes and funeral parlour, please contact our funeral consultant for a customized quotation.

Reasons to use our Buddhist Funeral Packages

Many may not be familiar with the right Buddhist funeral arrangement due to the lack of information. This is where a good Singapore funeral undertaker can come in to ease the burden of the grieving family and guide them through the order. As Buddhist funeral focus heavily on karma and reincarnation, a dignified funeral is very important and influential in the deceased’s smooth transition to the next life.

As one of the most affordable funeral services providers in Buddhist community, not only is our basic package is crafted with all the essential that is required for a good funeral arrangement, we also ensure that our professionalism in serving you – will shine throughout the funeral period.

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