Buddhist Funeral Services Singapore

Buddhist Funeral tradition and rituals in Singapore is surrounded by teaching of karma and reincarnation. It is believed that the death of this lives marks a beginning of a new incarnation of lives, depending on the calculation of karma accumulated during the deceased time on earth. Thus, the Buddhist funeral arrangement is focused on aiding the deceased transition to his next life as smooth as possible, while giving their departed loved one a proper and deserved send off.

Responding to Death.

The understanding of life and death in the teaching of Buddha has called followers to maintain a calm and serene atmosphere for the sake of the loved deceased. The placement of flowers and Buddha image during the funeral is beneficial to maintaining the skill environment. During the wake, a monk should be present as his presence and the chanting of holy verse will aid and support the deceased to the generating merit and enlightenment.

The Differing Buddhist Funeral Arrangement

A typical Chinese Buddhist funeral ceremonies usually last for a period of 49 days. However, the many branches of Buddhism translate into different ritual and practices. Therefore, it is recommended that the grieving family should seek guidance from their Buddhist community before arranging for funeral matters, so that the right ritual can be carried out.

Cremated after Death.

As a means of honouring the tradition of Buddhist Funeral, most Singaporean tend to chose cremation over burials, even though it is not a compulsory choice. During the cremation or burial, a Buddhist monk should be ideally present to lead the funeral services through chanting.

Buddhist funeral serivces

Why hire us for Buddhist Funeral Services?

First of all, when it comes to arranging Buddhist funeral services, you can count on Sai Sia Funeral Planner’s stellar reputation on serving funeral matters within the Buddhist followers community. With a combined experience of over 50 years in the funeral services industry, we have always placed our emphasis on offering the kind of high quality services and solution that will ease and smoothen the affected family burden during their darkest period of their life. With our affordable priced funeral package, our experience in Buddha rites and ritual as well as the dedication of our staff, you can be assured that your loved one will have an honourable funeral send-off.

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Our Buddhist Funeral Package

With price starting from $5,800, our Buddhist funeral package comprises all the essential for a meaning full and dignified send-off, from selection of high quality casket, to full funeral set up which includes monk chanting and joss praying items. Furthermore, if you were to compare our package to others, you will know that our pricing is considerably lower but we assured you that no quality will be compromised.

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To enquiry for funeral related advice, prices or any further details, you can simply contact us at our 24hours funeral hotline 6280 0121 or you can also leave a quick call-back request for our funeral consultant.