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While Christians and Catholics shared the same beliefs in the existence of everlasting afterlife, the Catholic do not believe in full pardon and salvation of the soul through faith and grace of God. According to the Roman Catholic, souls may not go straight into heaven and has be purified to make clean before they are allowed in to the eternal joy of heaven. As such, the Catholic Funeral Services is set up to serve to pray for god’s mercy on the deceased soul and to offer support for deceased family.

Common Catholic Funeral Arrangement in Singapore

The Vigil

This is also known as the Wake, family and friends will gather together shares stories, reflection and eulogies to celebrate the life of deceased. This is also a time where the deceased favourite song will be played.

The priest will anoints the body with holy oil, lead prayer session and scripture reading throughout the wake, to commend the deceased soul to God and to pray for strength on the bereaved family.

The Funeral Liturgy

This segment is the most significant of any Catholic Funeral Tradition and is usually conducted by the priest during the Funeral Mass (or Requiem Mass). As this session purposes as an act of worship where mass gather to celebrate and praise God over Christ triumph toward death and sins.

The focus of funeral liturgy is also to commend the deceased back to God’s never changing mercy and to proclaim the promises of Christ second coming.

The Committal Rite

The final part of the Rite will take place after the funeral Liturgy. Presided by the priest. the body will be committed back to Earth as its final resting place while the loved ones gathers around to bid farewell, to offer their final prayers alongside with scriptural verse and the Lord’s prayer. The hope and faith that the deceased lie peacefully awaiting for glory of eternity marks a meaning closure to the Catholic funeral.

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