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No matter how strong our faith may be, the fact that our loved one has passed on will always be an overwhelming grieving period. Therefore, a well-managed Christian Funeral Services has to be both comforting and uplifting, to create an atmosphere of hope and joy where many Christian gathers to support the bereaved family, as well as to stand in faith that the deceased is headed for a better place as promised by those who love and believe in Christ, the Lord.

Due to Singapore’s wide Christian denomination, the funeral services setting can vary by church and hence the church leadership and support group should by consulted on the detail of the funeral.  It is also noted that many churches are likely to accommodate request and suggestion by the family, so as to have a meaning and befitting goodbye services for their loved ones.

Common Christian Funeral Services Arrangement​


The duration of wake usually last from 3 days to 5 days. This is a time where relative and friends gather together to offer comfort to the grieving family, to pay their last respect to the deceased and to celebrate on the live of the deceased. The casket will remain uncovered throughout the wake.


The funeral wake will then end with a session of closing prayers to commend the deceased back to God’s tender loving care.


After the closing prayers, the body will be taken to the crematorium. This is a time where family members, relative and friends of the deceased will bid farewell to the deceased’s body, as the body will be committed to everlasting rest with resurrection in God’s kingdom.

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Christian funeral services

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