Free Thinker Funeral Package Singapore

Depending on the period of the funeral period, our prices starts from economical $4,588 that includes coffins, tents and common funeral necessities such as tables and chairs. This applies to the three-day funeral on HDB’s void deck. We charge an extra $250 for each additional day.

Generally, there are great differences in requirements and elaboration of free thinker funerals due to non-religious thinker is not bound by when planning a funeral. As a result, these burials can be carried out in very individual ways.

Therefore, in view of the foregoing, the cost of holding a non-religious funeral can depend to a large extent on the family requirements of the deceased, in terms of solemnity and care.

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We have been established more than 50 years of experience in the funeral industry, known for its integrity and reliability. We have always catered a transparent pricing policy. Being with us, you do not need to worry about hidden fees.

We have a better understanding of how to host a non-religious funeral. With our help and guidance, you can have a peaceful mind.

Sai Sia Free thinker funeral package

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