Free Thinker Funeral Services Singapore

A free thinker funeral services is also commonly referred as non-religious funeral services or atheist funeral services. While such funeral services do not have any affiliation nor belief of a religion, a free thinker funeral is set up to serve similar purpose:

  • To bid sincere farewell in a meaningful and dignified way
  • To consolidate, reflect and celebrate the deceased’s moments of life.
  • To offer condolences and sharing the loss with the deceased’s family.

Free thinker or not, the funeral still must be set up in a honourable way where gathering of friends, relative and family members can gather to show their last respect as well as bid final goodbye to the deceased.

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Organizing a Dignified Funeral

Many have the misperception that having a honourable funeral means having it the grand and expensive way. We would like to think otherwise because this is usually not our suggestion to families, unless specifically requested. A honourable funeral need not be grand and costly to be meaningful, a simple but well-arranged funeral can sometimes be more meaningful than the grand one. Ultimately, it is the thoughts and effort put into the funeral setup that counts.

Planning a funeral for free thinker

As Atheist do not believe in God or Deity existence, the arrangement of the funeral is not restricted to any religious rite. Hence, there is more flexibility when it comes to the planning and coordination of free thinker funeral. In order to give the deceased a memorable farewell, his personality, lifestyle to even his family tradition must all be taken into consideration in our funeral planning process. After all, the best funeral are often the ones whereby the family members can smile and say “this is the way my loved ones would have wanted it.”

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Free thinker funeral director

Role of a Non-Religious Funeral Director

The departing member within a family is truly a heartwhecking experience for the family. Going through this tough time, even the simplest decision can be so difficult to make. As such, the need to having a trusted funeral director that you can count on to handle all the funeral procedure, plan for all the details of an non-religious funeral and arrange for it setup is very almost essential.

Why hire Sai Sia Funeral Planner?

Sai Sia Funeral Planner has been handling non-religious funeral matters for over 50 years. With our vast knowledge, our stellar reputation and our transparency pricing policy, not many funeral directors in Singapore can match our dedication and passion to serve Singapore community. Furthermore, all our seasoned team of funeral personnel are trained to be sensitive and attentive because we are not only here to help with funeral matters, we are here to care and share our condolences with you. Therefore, you can rest assured that the funeral needs will be taken care of with our highest professionalism and quality.

How to engage us?

To enquiry on our all-inclusive freethinker funeral package, or to seek advice on funeral matters with our consultant, you can simple reach us at 62800121. Alternatively, you can request a call back by filling up a quick enquiry form.