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A casket is generally referring to a specially-designed coffin that is meant to contain the body of deceased. In the market, there is many different type of caskets, differing from the casket material, size, colour and much more.

The dilemma when it comes to choosing the casket for your deceased love one is that the decision has to be made almost immediately, despite the emotional loss experienced by family members. Thus, having an honest and transparent one stop funeral director by your side to guide and advise you through the casket selection, will always be helpful in your purchase decision.

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Learning the Different Kind of Casket ​

Wooden Casket

Made from various wood material such as Pine, Mahogany, Oak and many more. Wooden casket is probably the most common used casket in Singapore funeral. If you are looking for a class beyond ordinary wooden casket, you can go for more expensive and prestigious wood material option such as Cherry and Walnut.

Eco friendly Casket

Following the worldwide trending movement to go green and care for the environment, Eco friendly caskets are made of bamboo, hemp or organic wood. Such green casket are very popular is the Western Country.

The Myth of Gasketed Casket

A gasketed casket is a sealed casket that can prevent elements of water, dust and debris from entering the casket. However, they could not prevent the inflow and outflow of gas (air). Thus, it remains as a myth rather than truth that a sealed casket can be used to preserve the body better and delaying decomposition.

Our Funeral and Casket Solution

Sai Sia Funeral Planner do not only sell wide selection of Caskets, we are also a full funeral services provider in Singapore. Our funeral services include from providing casket, to collecting and embalming of body, full funeral set up, to arrangement on cremation or burial.

Regardless of your religion and race, we believe in meeting your needs through our funeral package and transparent pricing policy.

Sai Sia Funeral Casket Singapore

Why hire Sai Sia Funeral Planner?

At Sai Sia Funeral Planner, we considered ourselves as an veteran in all types of Singapore funeral services. Since our early day’s start-up till now, we have always operated our business close to our values of integrity and understanding. Beyond our affordable and fair pricing model, our team of staff are also highly trained to attend to your needs with high sensitivity. And that is exactly why our customer has given us glowing review and testimonial for our knowledge and professionalism in handling death matters.

How to contact us?

To enquire on our casket selection or our services, you can talk to our funeral consultant by simply dialling our 24 hours hotline at 8668 4488 or fill up the short contact form here.