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Funeral pre-planning services in general, refers to one’s planning ahead on their funeral matters. Through funeral pre-planning, one can have full ability to customize how they would like their funeral to be carried out when they inevitably passed on in the future. However, despite the benefit that comes from funeral pre plan, the decision is often not an easy decision and has carries split opinion in Singapore. On one hand, the approach to plan ahead on funeral matters is a taboo subject, one that is deemed as a highly sensitive topic that can bring huge amount of anxiety. It is understandably so, after all to discuss on one’ own death can be distressing and often uncomfortable. However, on the other hand, there is many clear advantage to plan your funeral in advance, and the following are some of its merit.

Making the Decision with a clear mind.

The best time to make difficult decision is always the moment when our mind are clear and sound. Sadly, during the time of death, surviving family member are often left to make rash and important decision on funeral matters due to the short time frame. Decision in these moment is particularly tough because the emotion state of mind is grieving from the loss. Yet, to hold a meaning funeral for the deceased would requires many planning, decision making and coordinating. Thus, by taking steps to made this decision now, rather than later, can go a long way to offer your loved one a great sense of relief.

Clear mind of Funeral Pre-planning
Funeral pre-planning that peace your mind

Peace of mind to you and your family.

Confusion and disagreement can occur when there is no plan to follow. Somehow, someone from your family has to made important yet uncomfortable decision for the funeral. The question is how will these decision cause stress for them due to the fact that they are unsure on your wishes? Will they know your preference to be buried or cremated? Will they agree on the selection of the casket? There is many decisions that they have to make, and what if they cannot make the right decision? Would you want them to live with regrets, knowing that they are not able to give you a honourable send-off? All this situation can be avoided once there is a prefixed arrangement in place.

Have your specific preference and request carry out.

You are in control on how you want your funeral ceremony to be conducted or celebrated as you can set forth all the pending funeral details personally. Not only will your family feel comforted by knowing that you are given a send-off that you have desired, it will also provide them with a sense of closure by knowing that you care enough to ease their burden even after you are gone.

Funeral pre-planning check list

Ease financial burden for your loved ones.

Funeral is an event that bears extensive significance for the family. As much as possible, they would want to give you the best possible send-off based on their ability to afford. This is the time where overspending take place, as they want to hold a funeral as grand as possible to honour you. By taking the step to pre plan for your own funeral, it allows your family to avoid spending excessively and necessarily.

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Our funeral pre-planning services is simply a gesture purely out of goodwill, thus we do not charge any consultation nor collect any deposit or any form of advance payment.

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