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Since the establishment of Sai Sia funeral planner, we have never believe in winning business through unfair pricing tactics. We set ourselves apart by being a firm conductor of fair, transparent and ethical business dealings, and this is reflected the way how we crafted our funeral package. With our affordable funeral solution deals, you will never have to be shocked by the bills nor worry about hidden cost ever again.

You can see the following package that we provide, with details and price.

Christian funeral services

Christian Funeral Package

The package fee is from $4,800, with option to extend the funeral wake according to one preference. See more details and info below.

Catholic funeral services

Catholic Funeral Package​

Our fees start from $4,800 for a standard 3 day set up, casket is included as well. Click the button below for more information.

Buddhist funeral services

Buddhist Funeral Package​

Starting from $5,800 up, depending on your preference for simple or standard setups. Our Buddhist funeral package is all-inclusive of monk chanting and food offering. To see more information, please click the button below.

Soka Funeral Services

Soka Funeral Package

Our package starts from nominal $4,800 up, and is one of the most extensive offer in Singapore. View more information below.

Taoist Funeral Servivecs

Taoist Funeral Package

Our prices start from $7,980 for a 3 days wake. Our package is comprehensive to serve the general needs for different group of dialect with varying funeral services set-up. See more details by clicking the button below.

Free thinker funeral services

Free Thinker Funeral Package

Depending on the period of the funeral period, our prices starts from economical $4,588. See breakdown below.

Funeral packages

Package for Same Day Cremation

If you are looking at same day cremation, our packages are priced only at $1,388 which is inclusive of cremation fees from Mandai Hill. The package is also inclusive of free consultation, collection of body, dressing up services as well as en-coffining. For more details on this package, please feel free to drop us a call and we will be more than glad to provide you with the information.

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Why choose Sai Sia Funeral Planner?

Simply because we are among the best in the funeral trade when it comes to staging of funeral, knowledge on various funeral religion and custom and simply because we are also one of the most affordable funeral directors in Singapore.

With a combined experience of over 50 years, not many will know funeral services in Singapore as well as we do. Furthermore, Not only is our funeral director, consultant and staff well versed in funeral matters, we are also well-known for being caring and understanding towards families.

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To find out more on our funeral service solution or any of our package, you can simply reach us anytime of the day by calling 6280 0121. If you prefer writing, you may also write to us via a quick contact form.