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Given that Singapore is a multi-racial country, the Funeral Services in Singapore varies as a result of differences in religion and race. After having conducted numerous funeral for close to 3 decades, we understand that the staging of funeral requires incorporation of each religion’s culture, tradition as well as belief. For an instance, the Christian and Catholics will want the funeral staging to be inclusive reading of scripture etc, through their belief that salvation represents the love of God and a result of Christ conquering death. Then as well, the Taoist beliefs is different. Through Taoist funeral, you will tend to see burning of offerings for the deceased’s afterlife in the netherworld. To conclude, different religion will involve incorporation of contrasting practices during the funeral.

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Regardless of race and religion, we are a one stop funeral services provider that cater to different type of funeral. We offer funeral services solution as listed below:

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How to plan a funeral without stress?

The first thought that come to mind when it comes to funeral, will definitely be the troublesome logistic involved for successful funeral arrangement. Arranging and deciding on funeral matters such as choosing casket, tentage, decoration, funeral flower and how to set up wake area are just part of the list required for funeral. Not to mention the catering arrangement for food and drinks for the guest, the list just goes on and on. This is why at Sai Sia Funeral Planner, we have craved a series of funeral packages with a simple goal – to help you set up a funeral with stress and affordability. With our package, you can rest assured that not only is our transparent package priced affordably, you can also expect us to meet your funeral expectation. All you need to do is to select the most suitable package and leave the rest to us. After all, you can count on us to ease your burden based on our creditable reputation and vast experience.

Why Engage Sai Sia Funeral Planner?

In the funeral arrangement industry, many has known us as an reliable, honest and experienced funeral company. Since the start, we have always conducted our business in a fair and ethical way. Therefore, you will never experience any unethical price tactic or hidden charge possibilities with us, for we adopt transparent pricing policy on all our services offering and packages.

Being a veteran funeral firm in Singapore means that we are well-versed in what we do, as compared to other industry player in the field. After all, we have arranged and handled countless funeral for thousands of families. So when it comes to staging for different kind of funeral rite and ritual, you can rest assured that our expertise and experience will be exactly what you count on for us to deliver a highly dignified and deserved funeral send off.

Through our experience in staging funeral, we also understand the grief of the family when they are facing loss. Thus, we ensure our team of professional staff along with our funeral directors, are trained to be understanding, sensitive and attentive to each families’ emotion needs. We will continue to strive and excel in what we do, in order to live up to the many testimonials that our customer has given us.

How to Contact us?

To speak to us on our funeral services solution or any other funeral matters, you can reach our funeral consultant at our 24 hours hotline 62800121 or you can request a callback via our web form here.