Repatriation Services Singapore

If your friend or families passed away at a overseas foreign land, a repatriation services is a services that you will need, to assist you in bringing the body (or remains) back to their homeland country. During this difficult time, affected families are advisable to stay calm and take the following step:

  • Obtain an copies of the death certificate
  • Proceed to the respective embassy to register the death.
  • Engage a local funeral director to take care of repatriation on all outbound logistics

Engage a funeral director from homeland country to take care of repatriation on incoming logistics.

Repatriation document preparation
Repatriation document

Required Document for Repatriation

The document processing requirement among countries are different. To sum it up, for any casket to leave the country, a permit must be obtained and the application of permit will require the submission of death certificate, embalming certificates as well as the encoffin certificates.

Our Services for inbound and outbound repatriation

We handle and ship body internationally, be it inbound or outbound.

Repatriation from Singapore

Repatriation from Singapore

From handing all the paperwork to obtain the permit required for the body to be exported back successfully, we also extent our services to handle flight booking and accommodation. Upon the collection of the body, we embalm and encoffin your loved one so that it can be preserved during the transfer back to the intended home country.

Repatriation to Singapore

Repatriation to Singapore

Our funeral director will personally ensure the smooth repatriation process by making prior arrangement on the funeral matters in Singapore before travelling to the foreigner country with affected family. The arrangement such as paperwork submission and logistic handling will be taken care by our team with great attention. This is done with such urgency so that the body or remains can be allowed back into Singapore without delay. After successful repatriation, we will proceed to burial or cremation arrangement to put your loved one at rest.

Why hire Sai Sia Funeral Planner for Repatriation?

First of all, Sai Sia Funeral Planner is a well-known funeral director internationally after handling death for over 50 years in Singapore. To us, Speed is the key when it comes to repatriation, and our 24 hours’ service team are fully committed to make sure that the body of your loved one can arrive home in the shortest possible time. From our well versed understanding in required documentation submission based on the regulation from different countries, to our close connection with a large network of international funeral home partners and embassies around the world, we are able to speed up the repatriation process in such a speedy and efficient manner where not many local companies can match. Best part of all, we remain to be honest, transparent and affordable, just like how people has known us.

Repatriation services Singapore

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To seek advice on our repatriation services, you can simple call us anytime at 62800121 or you can simple request a call back via our web form.