Soka Funeral Package Singapore

The meaning of Soka in Chinese refers to the core spirits of Buddhism in each personnel’s ability to develop their full human potential and creates values. A typical Soka funeral services tends to cost less as they usually opt for a simple and minimalist style of modern funerals. Our extensive Soka funeral package starts from nominal $4,800 for a 3 day wake. The details of package can be found below.

Soka Funeral Package

3 days 2 nights $4,800

5 days 4 nights $5,180

  • Casket (half glass)
  • Embalming, Dressing & Makeup (Transport Inclusive)
  • Book cremation slot and arrangement
  • Canvas tentage at void deck, void deck enclosure x 1 unit
  • Round table x 10
  • Square table x 15
  • Chairs x 100 unit
  • Curtain and carpet in Casket area
  • Fans and general lighting
  • Mobile toilet
  • PA System
  • Funeral Decoration
  • Photo Enlargement (1 x enlarge photo with 10″ x 12″ wooden frame + 6 pieces passport sized photo
  • Floral Photo Wreath (11″x13″)

Please Note

  • The package is not inclusive of Food and drinks arrangement. Food and drinks will be charged based on “consumption”.
  • The package is limited to funeral held at void deck. For funeral at homes and funeral parlour, please contact our funeral consultant for a customized quotation.

Why Choose Our Soka Funeral Package?

Sai Sia funeral planner is highly experienced, as we have been in the Singapore funeral trade for years. This experience is extremely handy, especially when we handle Soka Funeral Services, as the religion itself is relatively new and is very much different from the traditional Buddhist burial in terms of ceremony, form and setting.  Therefore, you can count on our experienced funeral services director for necessary advice and guidance for families in need. Besides providing excellent services to meet any needs, we also ensure that our Soka funeral package is affordable and comprehensive for all our customer.

Sai Sia Soka funeral packages

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