Soka funeral services Singapore

A Soka funeral services is both similar and different from the traditional Japanese Buddhist funeral ceremony. Just like the Buddhist funeral services, a Soka Funeral is set up to serve the following purposes:

  • To support the deceased towards attaining enlightenment
  • To offer sincere condolence, sympathy and support to deceased families

However, while the members of Soka Gakkai shared the Buddhist belief of reincarnation, enlightenment and nirvana, the Soka community do not believe in the formalized and elaborate custom where priest presided funeral in order for the departed loved one to attains enlightenment. Instead, the members believe that to attain enlightenment, it is according to the power of Buddha and one own’s faith. Therefore, the Soka Funeral setting is usually much more simple and peaceful than any Buddhist Funeral set up.

Soka Funeral Services Singapore
Soka Funeral Services

The Arrangement of a Soka Funeral in Singapore.

During the Soka funeral wake in Singapore, the Soka community believe that a reputable Soka Gakkai leader should conduct the funeral services rather than Buddhist priest. More than often, these Soka Gakkai leader would have known the deceased personally or would have make an late effort to learn about the deceased’s personality and lifestyle. This valuable personal knowledge will then be used to highlight the deceased’s dedication to Soka teaching during the funeral.

It is also believed that through the Soka Gakkai leader leading a group of volunteer members in a series of whole hearted and sincere recital of the sutra and chanting of the Daimoku, the deceased member will be eased towards the path of attaining enlightenment.

Their belief in attaining enlightenment through faith and cultivation is also reflected in the way on how the Soka funeral is being set up and arranged. As a result, the Soka funeral centred around peaceful and serene environment and carries a modern yet minimalist appearance.

The Importance of Funeral Director in a Soka Funeral.

As a result of a lay Buddhist movement wihin the Nichiren Shōshū branch of Buddhist in the early 90s, Soka is considered as a relatively new religion. Since the formation of Soka, it has always given more emphasis in the subject of living rather than death, and teaches on how one should maximise their potential and to live a worthy life.

Therefore, not much information has been written with regards to the ceremonies, ritual and rite of an Soka Funeral. While the member can rely on Singapore Soka Association on some funeral advise, having a experienced funeral director to count on during difficult time can bring much relief to the grieving family.

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Why hire us for Soka Funeral Services?

As one of the early funeral companies in Singapore, Sai Sia Funeral Planner has been a funeral services partners that Soka community have preferred for a nearly 2 decades. Along with our professionalism dedication and our knowledge on Soka religion, we have handle and see through many funeral arrangements based on its tradition. Above all, our team are trained to be both attentive and sensitive to the needs of a grieving family. So if you need someone to guide and advise you on Soka funeral matters, come talk to us and we guarantee you that Sai Sia Funeral Planner will be there to be with you every step of the way.
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