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If you were to search online on funeral tradition of Taoist funerals, you will realise that there isn’t much written about Taoist funerals because for the very fact that Taoist teaching generally surround on the subject of health and longevity rather than funeral, rituals and afterlife. It is hardly surprising after all, the early Taoism originates from the words Tao (or Dao), which refer to attaining immortality through cultivation on oneself from a series of task and practices based on Neidan and Waidan approach, in bid to become on with the Tao.

Hence, with healing, health and longevity at the centre of attention, the discussion on Taoism funeral rites and ritual are often left isolated. As a result, many funeral tradition are not being passed on to younger generation and should death occurs, many Taoist families tends to be unsure what to do.

The Importance of Funeral Director in a Taoist Funeral.

From the confusion arising from differing or lack of knowledge in Taoism funeral arrangement, rites and rituals for the deceased, the role of funeral director is now even more important. More than just counting on funeral director to provide the funeral arrangement and set up, the proficiency and knowledge in Taoist funeral custom is equally important. Being Singapore one stop funeral planner in Singapore for 45 years, Sai Sai funeral Planner is a household name among Taoist community when it comes to the planning and arrangement of funeral matters. Our funeral director is well versed in setting up honourable and meaningful Taoist funeral based on the Taoism custom and rites. Alongside with one of the affordable funeral package in Singapore, many has count on us as their trusted funeral partners to provide them the best funeral services and advice.

Taoist funeral planning
Taoist Funeral Services in Singapore

Common Taoist Funeral Arrangement in Singapore

A typical Taoist funeral services in Singapore proceeds over a period in between 3 to 7 days. The period is determined by the deceased family. Despite the differing Taoist denominations, the rite, rituals and alter set up is conform to a standard in Singapore.

In all the Taoist funeral, you will see the arrangement of alter set with the following items:

  • A Sacred lamp
  • 2 tall candles
  • Cup of tea and water
  • Rice and 5 plates of fruit
  • Incense burner

Each of the item carries symbolic deep meaning of respect and tribute towards the Taoism practices on the purification of departed soul and protection of bereaved family. Friends and family at the funeral wake, are required to light the joss stick at the alter to show respect to the deceased.

Throughout the Taoist funeral, Taoist priest must also be present to chant scripture to uplifts the soul and to prevent the soul from wandering around by directing them to the path of heaven. Joss paper and other paper items like cars, house and servant are also part of the Taoist funeral custom, as it is believed that the burning of these offering will provide comfort to the deceased in their afterlife.

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Our Taoist Funeral Package

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